“… shapes a narrative around the life of a young girl who can survive only by rejecting the traditional morality of religion and embracing that which is strongest in her—her ability to lie.”

Sound like someone we know – I think she wears a Pantsuit; Unfortunately, unlike Pullman’s character, The Fat Lady has moved beyond the simple white lie!

Freddie’s aphorism on the abyss is most interesting. Here Freddie may betray some uncertainty as to the “super” in his Superman. Look into the abyss and as it looks back into you (your soul, not Freddie’s term, but true nonetheless) it empties your certainty, and as Freddie acknowledges, the veneer of morality and certainty – yet Freddie also acknowledges that this veneer is necessary. Yet the Superman is supposed (required) to dispense with this veneer.
At a minimum, Freddie is cautioning one to tread carefully at the edge of the abyss.