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RE: Freddie and the Nazis.

Clearly Freddie has been “culturally appropriated” by the nasty Nazis.

I forget who it was, some 18th century Frenchman I think, who argued that the Philosophers thinking is distorted / corrupted by first being *translated* / espoused by a 2nd rate mind in the academy and finally be being mindlessly regurgitated by some 3rd rate mind of a High School teacher – only then to be further *masticated* by the general populace.

It is not surprising that Freddie would have a somewhat high regard for European Jews of the 19th century. Having been able to maintain their cultural identity even though they did not have a *place* (re: Flannery O’Connor) to call home, they were, perhaps, in Freddie’s mind, nevertheless able to exercise (and demonstrate) a form of the will to power in spite of everything that militated against them attaining / maintaining that distinct cultural identity. I think Freddie appreciated the strength and the will required for this downtrodden people to survive and flourish.